Machine & hand embroidery 

Embroidery adds the final finishing touches to just about any order. The art of embroidery has never gone out of fashion. From the skilled hand embroidery techniques that have been passed down the generations to the modern faster machine embroidering - both are used in today's modern trends and both offer beautiful intricate results. 

I can offer an extensive array of embroidery services, from delicate skilled hand embroidery to impressive machine embroidery designs. I really do thoroughly love embroidery in all forms. To watch a design come together whether I am creating it stitch by stitch by hand or designing and then stitching out on an embroidery machine, the whole process is fascinating to me. 

Have your own items personalised with custom lettering or designs. 

Add custom embroidery to your keepsake order.

Have a piece of unique embroidery keepsake art made just for you.

Cushions, Blankets, Clothing, Keepsakes, Art Canvas, Embroidery Hoop Art, Bags, Gift Tags, Brooches & Badges, Lampshades, the list really is endless to what I can embroider for you. 

There are some fabric items that may not be suitable for embroidery but this will be discussed at the time of your order enquiry.

Discuss your ideas with me and we'll create something special together.