New to WestWood Bears of Cheshire are Animal Keepsakes! 

I have decided to introduce other animal keepsake options alongside my own jointed designs to give my customers greater choice and to also provide a lower cost option. 

These animal keepsakes are given exactly the same amount of care and attention to detail as my jointed keepsakes but take less time to make due to the fact that I do not need to joint the limbs and head. 

Sizes differ between animals and this page will be updated as and when I make each animal. 

GIRAFFE stands 15 inches tall (40cm) 
PUPPY DOG 8.5 inches tall(22cm)
Credit to Xanthe Patterns

Animals coming soon to WestWood Bears website;

If you require a certain animal please request this at the time of ordering as I can usually source the right design just for you.